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Please speak to the Ministry of Justice in support of the campaign for an Animal Abuser Registry in the UK, and press for a serious failing in our criminal justice system to be put right without delay.

I find it shocking that even convicted animal abusers banned from keeping animals for life aren't put on an Animal Abuser Register, which means it's much easier for them to reoffend. It's shocking also because animal cruelty has well documented links with child abuse, abuse of vulnerable adults, domestic violence, violent assaults on humans, and murder. Last year the psychopath Stephen Farrow murdered twice - one of his victim's daughter pleaded for better monitoring of dangerous offenders, as have the families of many other victims. Farrow tortured and killed animals as a child, before graduating to human victims. So did Ian Brady, Thomas Hamilton, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy, Raoul Moat, Robert Thompson, Ian Huntley and other murderers.

How many victims would have been saved if there had been Animal Abuser Register information available so that the police could identify and track these dangerous offenders? How many other victims, animals, children, vulnerable adults, victims of domestic violence, any one of us, could be kept safe if Animal Abuser Register information was available? The current Clare's Law scheme is supposed to inform women about a new partner's violent pasts - how can that information be complete without animal abuser information?

We need action now, to plug this loophole in our criminal justice system. Please join in supporting early consideration of legislation for the Animal Abuser Registry now, with tough penalties for offenders who break their reporting conditions.

Yours sincerely,

( Your name)